SKILA’s exciting designs express the contemporary flair and easy elegance that our brand represents. It is a perfect combination of the sensational Mediterranean vibe and the ancient zest from the Silk Road legacy.


Our finest silk yarn is sourced from Italy and hand woven in Tunisia, using traditional and time honored looming techniques. The resulting weave, delicate yet complex, produces unique and timeless items that satisfy high quality standards with strict quality control at every production level.


SKILA scarves are produced in the Mediterranean city of Mahdia, Tunisia with a 1,100-year heritage of impeccable quality and workmanship.

As early as the 12th century, the famous geographer “Al Idrisi” described the opulence of the woven silk textiles in Mahdia. He wrote: “High quality garments in fine fabrics are produced here (Mahdia) and, since their quality is impossible to imitate, they are widely exported”


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